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VIDEO: Davey Johnson's Pregame Press Conference Interrupted By Fire Alarm

The video you're about to see below the jump is, we think, from Davey Johnson's meeting with the media prior to Tuesday night's game against the Houston Astros at Nationals Park.
Video via CSN Washington.

We've been in this situation a couple of times before, and we can honestly say that there are few interview situations that are more awkward than this: when the sirens are blaring, the recorded voice is intoning, and all the while you're fairly sure that there is no fire and all everyone can do is stare awkwardly at each other until you get the all-clear.

We just have one other question: what on earth is Davey talking about at the beginning of the clip? If anyone at the ballpark knows what he described as "so breathtakingly beautiful, and big," please let us know.

(UPDATE: CSN Washington's Mark Zuckerman has filled us in. Davey was discussing Edwin Jackson's World Series ring, which he received Tuesday for being on the 2011 World Series-winning Cardinals.)