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Chien-Ming Wang Apologizes Publicly For Extramarital Affair With 'Cyndi'

We're not sure what to make of this story, which comes to us via Deadspin, so we'll just lay it all out.

It seems that sometime in 2009, after undergoing shoulder surgery, Chien-Ming Wang, then of the New York Yankees and currently of the Washington Nationals, started an extramarital affair with a Taiwanese-American bartender in Florida. Wang, who is married and has a son, finally ended the relationship early in 2011 after several attempts. Unfortunately, as so often happens, documentary evidence was left behind.

The Taiwanese tabloid Apple Daily got their hands on some old photographs of Wang and the woman, whom the tabloid refers to as "Cyndi" and who denies that she made the photos public.

Wang held a press conference Tuesday to acknowledge the affair and ask for forgiveness in Viera, where he is currently undergoing extended spring training as he rehabs from a hamstring injury. (He made his first start Monday.)

Breaking into tears during the press conference, Wang apologized for the damage he dealt to both his family and the mistress. "I am willing to pay for my misconduct, but I cannot let my family be hurt again," he said. Wang asked the media to leave his family out of the incident, saying that they are innocent.

The Nationals, for what it's worth, have said that the whole business is, well, none of their business, which is exactly the right thing to say.