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Drew Storen Injury: Nationals Closer To Visit Dr. James Andrews; Team Fears Bone Chips

When a professional athlete has to go see the legendary Dr. James Andrews, it usually means they have a serious medical issue and need to see the best in the business. Washington Nationals closer Drew Storen will be visiting Andrews after experiencing "tenderness" in his elbow after throwing a simulated game. According to Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post, the team fears Storen has a bone chip in his elbow.

At the moment, it is believed that Storen will not need Tommy John surgery. Amanda Comack of the Washington Times reported that the team found a "loose body" in the pticher's elbow. Kilgore noted that Storen had an arthrogram which should rule out Tommy John, but the soreness after resting for so long raised a red flag.

While not as serious as Tommy John surgery, bone chips are no small matter. They could require surgery, which would keep Storen on the shelf for some time.

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