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Bryce Harper Aggravates Mark DeRosa Injury With 'Forceful High-Five'

Mark DeRosa hasn't played in a single game since April 27, as he's had to dealt with a strained oblique muscle. If Nationals manager Davey Johnson is to be believed, he hasn't exactly been receiving steadfast support from his teammates.

From Adam Kilgore:

As Bryce Harper came into the dugout Sunday night after he stole home against the Phillies, DeRosa aggravated his oblique when Harper gave him a forceful high-five. "I don't know if that set back the rehab or not," Johnson said. "But I said, ‘Why didn't use your [right] hand?' He said it was spur of the moment."

We confess that we've never given much thought to the ergonomics of the high five before, but being the delicate souls that we are, we can certainly see how it would affect a strained oblique muscle.

In future, we suggest head nods, dramatic pointing (not too hard, though), or perhaps cheeky winking.

High five from us to Big League Stew for digging this out.