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Bryce Harper Injury: Nats Outfielder Gets 10 Stitches After Accidentally Hitting Himself With Bat

Washington Nationals superstar rookie Bryce Harper is often described as playing the game at full-speed with top-notch intensity at all times. On Friday night, he injured himself during a game in Cincinnati when he took out his frustrations in the clubhouse. While the Nationals' offense broke out against the Reds, the leftfielder was 0 for 5 at the plate and apparently slammed a bat into a wall in anger. The bat promptly retaliated by ricocheting off the wall and catching him in the head. Via Amanda Comak of The Washington Times:

The resulting gash apparently required 10 stitches, perhaps putting him in jeopardy for Saturday night's game against the Reds. But the 19 year-old phenom told Adam Kilgore that he will be ready to play:

Here's a pic of the damage, caught by @bstouttt:


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