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Anthony Rendon Injury Update: Conflicting Reports On Whether Rendon Will Return This Season

Now that Bryce Harper is doing some damage with the big boys, Anthony Rendon is the highest rated prospect in the Nationals organization. But he fractured his ankle early in this season and while he continues to rehab the injury, we aren't sure exactly what his timeline for a return is. First, Rendon told the Houston Chronicle that he would not be returning this year.

"I’m probably not going to come back this year," Rendon said Monday while attending Rice practice at Reckling Park. "It wouldn’t make any sense to come back and play the last month and try and do something big."

Then the Nationals made a comment that seems to indicate they expect Rendon to return to the field this year, and with a significant amount of the season left to boot; according to Byron Kerr at MASN.

When told of the Houston Chronicle report, a Nationals spokesperson said that Rendon has had no setbacks and is on schedule for a late July or August return. Nothing has changed in the status of Rendon's ankle, and he is continuing his rehab from the injury. The team expects Rendon back before the end of the season.

Rendon has a history of injuries, so it isn't smart to rush him back. But I think the Nationals need to get Rendon on the same page with their plan so there aren't any more conflicting stories about this.

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