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Rob Dibble Acts A Fool, Part MCXVIII

Hey, remember when Rob Dibble worked color on Washington Nationals TV broadcasts? That was a hoot and a holler, wasn't it? Of course, then he got fired for belittling the injured staff ace soon after he made grossly sexist comments. And everyone was all, like, man, what did we ever see in that guy in the first place?

Unfortunately, Fox Sports Radio still sees fit to give this man a platform, which has led to people actually paying some attention to what he says. So we get stuff like this tweet after the Hamels/Harper plunking incident.

The Unfortunate Incident With The Hot Stuff In The Daytime drew Dibble's misguided attention even more.

We do this for one reason, and one reason only: to remind you that Rob Dibble is the real-life Kenny Powers. And like the fictional Mr. Powers, he is only useful to laugh at. Loudly and harshly.