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ANIMATED: Bryce Harper's Ridiculous Throw Is Ridiculous

What you're about to see is not the first time that Bryce Harper has wowed people with his throwing arm. He nearly threw Jerry Hairston, Jr. out at the plate Saturday night in Los Angeles, but either Wilson Ramos couldn't hold the throw, or Hairston knocked it out, depending on who you talk to (our view: little of column A, little of Column B)

But Tuesday night was the first chance Nationals fans had to see the phenom up close and personal, and while he had a rough night at the plate (going 0-for-3), Bryce Harper certainly did not disappoint in the field.

Via Baseball Nation, here's a GIF of the throw Harper made that should have (the operative words here) nailed John McDonald at the plate in the 7th inning of Washington's 5-1 loss.


God, what a throw, only slightly spoiled by the fact that home plate umpire Jeff Nelson completely missed the tag. Oh, well. Can't have everything.