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Nationals Offered Orioles John Lannan, Drew Storen, Others For Adam Jones, According To Report

We're huge fans of Baltimore's Adam Jones, who has become one of our favorite MLB players to watch (non-Bryce Harper division).

Now with the Orioles and Jones reportedly on the verge of a contract extension, MASN's Roch Kubatko reports that Jones could have gone down the Baltimore-Washington Parkway to D.C. this winter.

The guess here is that the centerfielder Kubatko is referring to would be Roger Bernadina, who is still under team control for another year. Bearing in mind that the Nationals have always been in the market for a true all-around centerfielder, you can't blame Mike Rizzo for trying to cobble something together.

Of course, considering that Lannan's currently toiling in the minors and Storen's injured, you can't blame the Orioles for turning the deal down, either. But hey, that's baseball.