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Nationals Closer Drew Storen On Phillies Fans: 'Let Them Stay At Their Own Place'

It's finally here. The first series of the 2012 season against the Philadelphia Phillies is finally here, and the Nationals have done just about everything they possibly can to invoke a sense of swagger, no matter how overboard they go in the process.

That swagger apparently extends to injured closer as well, as Drew Storen appeared on 106.7 The Fan Friday morning to discuss the series. As you see, Storen launched right into hyperbole.

That, in turn, led to the awkward-sounding trash talk.

Oh. Snap.

In all seriousness, the fact that the Nationals are in first place while the Phillies have struggled to start the year gives this series a little extra juice that no one could have seen coming in the offseason. We can't wait for it to get started. Anything to distract us from the silly off-the-field stuff.