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Duffy's Irish Pub To Offer Free Jameson Shots To All Who Say 'That's A Clown Question, Bro'

This should just about kill the fledgling "that's a clown question, bro" meme.

Here's the scoop.

There are so many ingredients here that might contribute to mayhem. Free shots. People who like to say "bro" without any sense of embarrassment or self-irony. And, again, free shots.

But we've always done what we can to encourage mayhem on a local level, and this would be no exception.

So again, that's Duffy's Irish Pub. 2106 Vermont Avenue, NW. Across from the 9:30 Club. Take the Green or Yellow Line to U Street and use the 10th Street exit if you want to get their quicker, according to these extremely specific instructions.

Happy Hour is between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. today, so you have plenty of time to be merry and bro out. Godspeed to all of you.