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In Which Bryce Harper Doesn't Make The NL All-Star Team 'Because Of His Reputation'

We might as well just come out and say it: we've long been of the opinion that any All-Star game that its participants clearly want no part of is a complete waste of time and energy. Having said that, until the Revolution comes, we are obligated to play the game of lineup selection, gnash our teeth over snubs, and generally do everything we can to distract ourselves from the all-consuming heat and humidity.

So, here comes Yahoo's Jeff Passan, with a theory about how Bryce Harper could be left off the National League All-Star Roster.

Here's Passan's reasoning, once you get past the fact that neither player is on the official ballot.

Because of his reputation, Harper will not get voted in this year by the players ... [S]ince players began voting in 2003, they have chosen exactly one rookie to the team: Dan Uggla, a 26-year-old, in 2006.

OK, fine, but what about the manager's selections?

In the NL, Tony La Russa isn't quite as hamstrung, with four position-player spots. Then again, he's Tony La Russa, and he's likelier to abandon a dog than he is to choose a rookie of his own volition.

Eventually Passan notes that the easiest way for Harper to get in will be by the shamelessly manufactured Final Vote process, which I'm sure we'll deal with in due course.

Again, come the Revolution, all this will be forgotten. But until, then, rage on, people. Rage on.