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VIDEO: Who Should Represent Washington In The All-Star Game?

Since the Nationals continue to be in first place and continue to be the story of the summer in Washington, D.C., then we're going to keep posting these "Nationals Lunchbox" videos, which come to us courtesy of our friends at CSN Washington.

In a previous installment, host Chase Hughes, SB Nation DC's Nats editor and Federal Baseball editor Patrick Reddington, and Dave Nichols of District Sports Page discussed what was possibly wrong with Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman.

In this installment, Chase, Patrick, and Dave discuss which National or Nationals should represent Washington in next month's All-Star game. As you might guess, talk quickly turned to a certain 19-year-old outfielder.

Video via CSN Washington.

If that three minutes, 40 seconds of solid baseball discussion wasn't good enough for you, be sure to check out Patrick's work at Federal Baseball and here at SB Nation DC, as well as Dave's work at District Sports Page.