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PHOTO: And Now, F.P. Santangelo Wearing A Napkin

We often have, let's call them philosophical differences with the MASN team of Bob Carpenter and F.P. Santangelo. And that's OK. For one thing, we actually get on our knees before we go to bed each evening and thank F.P. for not being Rob Dibble. For another, speaking from a philosophical point of view, if we were to shut out from our lives each person who looked at baseball differently from us, our life would even more of a void then it already is.

(What kind of void? Well, an empty void.)

However, we draw the absolute line a sticking napkins on ourselves.

Allow us to explain.

In the third inning of Tuesday night's Nats-Rockies game, a no doubt filthy, disease-infested napkin attached itself to Danny Espinosa's leg. Washington scored two runs in the inning and the Rally Napkin meme, inevitably, caught on.

Come the 6th inning, with Washington in front, 9-3, the broadcast booth officially entered the silly season. And that, friends, is how we get photos like this.


No words. Our words have failed us.