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Bryce Harper Suggests Donating Proceeds From 'Clown Question, Bro' Beer To Slain Police Officer's Family

We called time on the "clown question, bro" meme some time ago, because, frankly, it had gotten tedious. We enjoy the minutiae of following D.C. sports as much as anyone, but tracking down every single mention of the phrase takes it over the line into "excruciating."

However, we'll make an exception for when the phrase is put to good use. And that's exactly what's happened this week, while the Nats play a four-game series in Denver against the Colorado Rockies.

Adam Kilgore has the 411.

On Monday morning, after the Nationals had arrived in Denver, Harper learned from local news reports about the killing of Officer Celena Hollis, a veteran policewoman who was raising a 12-year-old daughter on her own. Harper had recommended Denver Beer Company donate a chunk of the proceeds to a memorial fund that will support Hollis's daughter.

In case you missed this, Denver Beer Company had brewed a little something called "Clown Question, Bro" beer, specifically for the Nats-Rockies series.

Here, for the record is the story of Hollins' death. We hope the money gets where it belongs and we send our condolences to the officer's family.