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Nats Draft Pick Lucas Giolito's Grandfather Appeared On 'Seinfeld'

Never mind the elbow injury. Never mind the fastball that touches 98 or the dizzying array of offspeed pitches. No, what had most of the Nats beat writers abuzz about Washington's selection of Lucas Giolito with the No. 16 overall pick in the MLB Draft yesterday was his grandfather.

Let us explain.

We knew going into the draft that both of Giolito's parents, father Rick and mother Lindsay Frost, were actors, working mainly in TV. But Frost's father, Warren, topped the resumes of both his daughter and his son-in-law by playing George Costanza's prospective father-in-law, Mr. Ross, for five episodes on "Seinfeld."

Warren Frost's debut as Mr. Ross was the most memorable. In the episode, Kramer burns down Mr. Ross' family cabin. That leads to the tremendous "Cherish The Cabin" scene, as well as the revelation that Mr. Ross had a clandestine homosexual affair with author John Cheever.

Tremendous stuff. None of which has anything to do with baseball, but still. Tremendous, nonetheless.