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VIDEO: Should The Nationals Trade For A Position Player?

With Major League Baseball's non-waiver trade deadline now less than a week away, the good people over at Comcast SportsNet have released another edition of Nationals Lunchbox, featuring Federal Baseball editor (and SB Nation D.C. Nationals editor) Patrick Reddington alongside Dave Nichols of District Sports Page and Chase Hughes of CSN Washington.

In a previous trade deadline edition of Nationals Lunchbox, Chase, Patrick, and Dave discussed the possibility of Washington adding another starting pitcher with Stephen Strasburg's shutdown date fast approaching. In this edition, the lads discuss the possibility of the Nats adding a position player.

Sure, there's a serious lack of depth in the middle infield now that Ian Desmond's gone on the disabled list, but is there anyone out there worth adding? And what about the catcher position? All is revealed below.

Enjoy the video, and as always, check out Patrick's work at Federal Baseball and SB Nation D.C. before heading over to see Dave's writing at District Sports Page.