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PHOTO: Bryce Harper's Customized Car

We missed this in our rush out the door for the 4th of July holiday (hope you all enjoyed yours, by the way), but via The Nats Blog, here's proof that despite the fact that Bryce Harper is saying all the right things on and off the field (he really has been a model professional, when you think about it), sometimes the lure of being a 19-year-old with a lot of money is just too much.


Actually, compared to what Harper could have done, this is downright tasteful. Mind you, we're not sure how (or why) it's legal to replace the manufacturer's logo with that of your baseball team, but that's a small thing. We really like the BAM 34, which is just confusing enough to throw most people off your scent (though it would be even more effective if you take the '34' off).

Finally, Bryce, you may want to get that thing registered in D.C. At least that way, people will take you to be a rabid fan.