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Home Run Derby 2012: Prince Fielder Wins 2nd Derby

Prince Fielder joined Ken Griffey, Jr. as the only other two-time winner of the Home Run Derby on Monday night by edging out Toronto's Jose Bautista at Kauffman Stadium. Fielder just barely made it into the second round by golfing one out for his fifth homer. He then cruised after that, bombing shots over 475 feet to right that were the biggest blasts of the night.

Carlos Beltran was the only National League player to advance into the second round. The two team captains finished the first round with the low point of the night. Matt Kemp hit his first and only homer of the night as he was down to his final out, but his night quickly ended on the his next swing with a pop out to left. But it was Robinson Cano who set the futility mark, ending the first round with a goose egg. Cano was booed incessantly by the home Kansas City crowd who were upset that he did not pick the Royals' Billy Butler for the AL Team. The took particular delight in his struggles and erupted with a mocking cheer. Full results below:

Final Round

Prince Fielder 12
Jose Bautista 7

Two-Round Totals

Prince Fielder 16
Jose Bautista 13
Mark Trumbo 13
Carlos Beltran 12

First Round

Jose Bautista 11
Carlos Beltran 7
Mark Trumbo 7
Prince Fielder 5
Carlos Gonzalez 4
Andrew McCutchen 4
Matt Kemp 1
Robinson Cano 0

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