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Michael Morse Injury: Nationals Outfielder Will Miss Time With Left Hand Injury

After Tuesday night's win over the New York Mets, Washington Nationals starting left-fielder Michael Morse is expected to miss some time out of the lineup as he prepares to see a doctor about his injured left hand.

Morse had been dealing with an injury to his right hand which caused him to miss some time last month and as a result, he feels he may have overcompensated, causing him to injure his opposite hand, according to a report.

After going 0-5 at the plate against the Mets, the 30-year-old decided that he could no longer continue on in his condition:

"I'm not helping the team when I'm not 100 percent," Morse said. "I'm not helping myself, either. I'm going to get it looked at the next couple days, get down to the bottom of it and try to get back to 100 percent. I'm not 100 percent."

"This has been for like a month now," he said. "I think when I hurt my hand, my thumb, one swing I kind of let go of the bat and I just swung one-handed and I kind of messed my left wrist up a little bit."

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