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PHOTO: Bryce Harper, Wale Hit Up Ben's Chili Bowl In Most D.C. Moment Ever

This is one of those posts that really writes itself. After all, if you were the hot young star of Washington's division-leading baseball team, and if you were out with Washington's biggest hip-hop artist, where else would you go to grab a bite on a wet Monday night?

No place but Ben's Chili Bowl, that's where.


Wale (in the red shirt) has his back to the camera, so if you needed any more proof that it was actually a meeting of the stars, look below.

And again:

We just wish someone had gotten a photo of these two by the Chuck Brown portion of Ben's outside wall mural to give it that extra soupcon of District flavor.

Also, we know we're getting ahead of ourselves here, but if Harper hits a walk-off home run in Game 7 of the World Series, will Ben's update their eat free policy?

First blogged by Nats Enquirer. Photo via @chriswjones.