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Why The Nationals (Lack Of) Celebration Was Just Fine With Us

Oh, for God's sake.

Les Carpenter of Yahoo Sports, we have never had beef before, so far as we can recall. But then you had to go and write this, at the bottom of a quick, few-hundred word piece on the Nationals' blase attitude toward Thursday night's postseason-clinching win:

A division title might mean more, but in a [city] longing for a postseason spot - no matter how contrived it might be - it was worth more than a few handshakes and high fives.

We have a couple of questions for you, Mr. Carpenter, which we will ask below the jump.

1. You say that the Nats' celebration was too subdued, but then you cite the following celebratory examples as being "silly": dancing on tables, donning goggles, spraying alcohol. Some of the aforementioned has occurred after the clinching of wild card spots. Pray, Mr. Carpenter, what sort of celebration should have occurred?

2. When was the last time, Mr. Carpenter, that you saw a team celebrate ANYTHING when they had a 5.5 game division lead with 13 games to play? Should the unthinkable happen, a beer shower celebration two weeks before the end of the regular season would look ridiculous, would it not? And as Jack Woltz once said (and, come to think of it, as Davey Johnson might say himself) men in their position can't afford to be made to look ridiculous. (No, we don't know where the horse head fits into this analogy. Give us time.)

Answers on a postcard, please.