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Charles Barkley: Football Gods Will Ensure Redskins Win

A long time resident of Philadelphia, Charles Barkley is not someone who we thought would be pulling for the Redskins on Sunday. He might not be a Redskins fan, but he told Howard Eskin and Ike Reese of WIP this morning that he is a Donovan McNabb fan.

As featured on Deadspin earlier today, Barkley will be wearing a Redskins No. 5 jersey to the game on Sunday, and it's a jersey that he received from Redskins owner Daniel Snyder.


When asked to make a prediction, Barkley went with Washington, but not because he thinks they're going to make strides in the 3-4 defense, or because McNabb knows some dark secrets about the Eagles' secondary, or because the Redskins will have Josh Bidwell back. He's stealing a line from Earl Hickey's playbook and predicting the Redskins to win because of karma.

It's called karma ... Donovan has never been treated good and it's karma. The football gods are going to rise up and this is going to get the Redskins season started.