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Fantasy Football Picks: Packers At Redskins

Not sure what players to start on your fantasy football team? Need some last minute advice? We'll give you a player to watch from the Redskins and from their opponents every Sunday morning.


Washington Redskins: They'll do their best to try to keep Aaron Rogers off the field this week, which means lots of running plays, and lots of Ryan Torain. If you acted fast enough to pick him up in your fantasy league, he's worth a start this week. You can rest assured that he'll be the feature back, and won't even have to worry about Clinton Portis stealing goalline carries.


Green Bay Packers: The Redskins did a great job shutting down the Eagles' wide receivers in Philadelphia last week, but they allowed a touchdown to their tight end. DeAngelo Hall and Carlos Rogers may have a tougher time this week against some bigger receivers, but you should still expect the talented tight end Jermichael Finley to be a frequest target at FedEx Field today.