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Clinton Portis Says He Will Return To The Redskins This Year

The diagnosis of Clinton Portis' groin injury came along with a 4-6 week recovery time. If he misses the maximum number of six weeks including Sunday's game against the Packers, that puts Portis back in uniform week 10 against the Titans. It certainly seems like he will have plenty of time left to play football when he gets back.

But Portis is over 30 and has proven to be a complicated healer; nobody knows just how long he will take to recover from such a significant injury to his legs. When he made his weekly appearance on 106.7 the fan, the questions that were asked of him seemed to indicate that the possibility that he may not be able to return at all this season did exist. The hosts asked him directly how confident he was that he would return to the field this season.

I got no doubts that I'm going to be running the ball again this year ... I got no doubt that I'll recover from this injury and be back out there to help my teammates.

Portis cited his proximity to John Riggins' franchise rushing record as a major motivation to return.

"I think that would be even better [than reaching 10,000 career yards). I think to be the leading rusher of a storied franchise and just the chase alone. Being that it's been held for so long ... it's hard to have that opportunity to go out there and break a John Riggins record ... So for me to be in that company however it pans out, for me to be in that company is a great tribute."

According to Clinton Portis, Clinton Portis' season with the Redskins is not over.