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Study: Redskins Are Less Popular That Cardinals, Falcons, 12 Other Teams

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It's pretty much a non-debate that the Washington Redskins are unbelievably popular locally, even though they haven't been the best team in town recently. All the sellouts and all the buzz about the long waiting list confirm that much.


But what about their national popularity? Surely the Redskins are among the most popular teams in the entire country as well, right? Au contraire, according to a recent Harris Poll study. The polling group talked to over 2,500 football fans from across the country and placed the Redskins 15th, behind teams like the Atlanta Falcons and the Arizona Cardinals. In fact, the Redskins are the last NFC East team listed in the poll, behind the Bandwagons Cowboys (1st), Giants (7th) and Eagles (13th).


See, this is why you don't make broad claims about a team's popularity based on a sample of 2,620 American football fans.