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Report: Albert Haynesworth Will Return To The Team On Thursday

It's been just about a week since Albert Haynesworth's halfborhter was killed in a motorcycle accident in Memphis. Haynesworth left the team shortly after he received the news, and missed the teams game against the Packers last weekend. Now it appears as though he is ready to return to the team.

Jason Reid of Redskins Insider at the Washington Post is reporting that Haynesworth was scheduled to arrive in Ashburn on Wednesday night, and will re-join his teammates on Thursday. One of his sources is also saying that Haynesworth's status for the game against the Colts this weekend is unknown.

Reid also had reaction from some of his teammates, including DeAngelo Hall.

"You just send out your thoughts and prayers to him and try to support him," said cornerback DeAngelo Hall, who is among Haynesworth's closest friends on the team. "When you have a tragedy like this, you just want him to take the time he needs for his family. That's the most important thing right now."