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Fantasy Football Picks: Colts At Redskins

Not sure what players to start on your fantasy football team? Need some last minute advice? We'll give you a player to watch from the Redskins and from their opponents every Sunday morning.


Washington Redskins: Their opponent this week plays a lot of Cover Two, specifically to try to limit big plays. Since big plays have been one of the trademarks of the Redskins offense this year, they'll have to find other ways to move the ball. With the ground game struggling, look for Chris Cooley to be heavily involved once again.


Indianapolis Colts: Worried about that the Redskins have been keeping other superstar quarterbacks off the board? Don't be. While the Washington defense may do well to limit the number of points scored by the Colts, Peyton Manning will undoubtedly pass for at least 300 yards.