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Redskins GM Bruce Allen Pledges They Won't Trade Albert Haynesworth

We have just two days until the NFL Trade Deadline, and considering Albert Haynesworth is not playing tonight despite saying he was ready, trade speculation is certain to pick up. The defensive tackle even said that he thought he could be traded before the October 19 deadline.

However, Redskins GM Bruce Allen told NBC's Andrea Kramer that the team will not look to trade Haynesworth.

Allen said the Redskins have never talked about trading Haynesworth and still are not. I asked him if Haynesworth will still be a member of the Redskins after the trading deadline and he said, "yes, he will still be a member of the Redskins"    

We certainly won't know for sure until after October 19, but that's a pretty strong statement that he will be here for the rest of the season. The Tennessee Titans remain interested in Haynesworth, but are still unwilling to surrender more than a fourth-round pick.