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Colts Vs. Redskins: Graham Gano, Adam Vinatieri Trade Missed Field Goals

The Redskins had a chance to go into the locker room at halftime down by only 7, but a missed field goal by Graham Gano left the Colts with a 10-point lead.

Washington's possession started with Chad Simpson's first kick return as a Redskin. He returned the ball 32-yards, giving the team decent field position. The Redskins were able to drive the ball to the Indianapolis 30-yard line, but Gano could not make a 48-yard field goal.

The Redskins left Peyton Manning with 24 seconds remaining on the clock with the ball on their own 38-yard line, and he used them to drive the ball into scoring range. However, Adam Vinatieri missed his second field goal of the night, this one also from 48-yards, and the teams closed out the half with the score remaining 17-7.