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Colts Vs. Redskins: Brian Orakpo's Forced Fumble Leads To Ryan Torain Touchdown

The Washington Redskins desperately needed to force a turnover after missing three chances to do so earlier in the game. Thankfully, they just got that.

After coming close several times, Brian Orakpo finally broke through the Colts' offensive line, slapping the ball away from Peyton Manning deep in Colts territory. The Redskins recovered the ball at the Colts' 13-yard line, and four plays later, Ryan Torain plunged in from one yard out for his second touchdown on the game, cutting the Colts' lead to 17-14.

The play was huge because the Redskins didn't do anything on the first drive of the second half. Had the Colts scored, they could have put the game out of reach. Instead, the Redskins are back from the dead once again.