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Mike Shanahan Comments On Albert Haynesworth's Availability

A healthy, suited Albert Haynesworth was inactive for last night's tilt against the Colts and he was able witness the Colts running game tear the Redskins defensive line to shreds. Many are questioning why a healthy Haynesworth was not on the field Sunday night as his presence as a run stopper would have been valuable on a night where the Redskins gave up over five yards per carry. Jason Reid of WaPo caught up with Coach Mike Shanahan following the game and received the following comment on his troubled defensive tackle:

"I just thought six or seven days without working out and coming in after the game plan has already been implemented, it was just a combination of both of those things."

Now I'm sure that the Redskins were implementing some fairly complex defensive schemes against the Colts, but it's not like Haynesworth drops back into coverage all that much. A day of cramming and Haynesworth could probably have been brought up to speed on the playbook. Haynesworth is like a missile, you just point him in the direction he needs to go, so I find it strange that a player supposedly worth a large pile of lucre is not thought capable of grasping an adjusted scheme.