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Mike Shanahan Says There's A 'Pretty Good Chance' Albert Haynesworth Will Not Be Traded

In light of the Washington Redskins' decision to make Albert Haynesworth inactive for their game against the Indianapolis Colts, it's only natural to wonder whether they're considering dealing Haynesworth before the October 19 NFL Trade Deadline. Haynesworth already said that he wouldn't be surprised if the team dealt him, but general manager Bruce Allen said Haynesworth will remain a Redskin for the rest of the season.

In his weekly press conference, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan was asked about the possibility of Haynesworth getting traded. After dancing around the issue for a while, saying he "likes to keep you guessing," Shanahan had this to say.

"There's a pretty good chance Albert will not be traded."

Shanahan did say that "you'll have to wait and see," adding that he'll be very happy when the deadline passes so he won't have to answer questions about a Haynesworth trade.

Regarding the decision to deactivate Haynesworth, Shanahan simply said that he did not think Haynesworth was in good enough shape to play. When asked to compare Haynesworth to Randy Moss, a player that played right after being traded, Shanahan said the situations weren't comparable because Moss at least practiced with the Vikings and was in "football shape." He added that the decision to deactivate Haynesworth was made in part because he was worried about Haynesworth's mental well-being, saying "it's not just based on what's best for our football team, it's based on what's best for him."