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Washington Redskins Do Not Trade Albert Haynesworth At NFL Trade Deadline

After several months of trade rumors in the wake of his behavior before the 2010 NFL season, Albert Haynesworth will remain a member of the Washington Redskins past today's NFL Trade Deadline, according to Jason Reid of the Washington Post.

Reid reports that no team was willing to meet Mike Shanahan's asking price on Haynesworth, which appears to be a second-round pick. That may seem high for someone being paid so much and underperforming, but since Haynesworth received the bulk of his contract already, his deal was much more affordable going forward. Nevertheless, the Redskins were unable to find a taker for Haynesworth at the price they desired. 

The question now is whether the Redskins will work harder to incorporate Haynesworth into their defense now that they know he will not be traded.