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Titans Coach Jeff Fisher Says Redskins Didn't Want To Trade Albert Haynesworth

The 4 p.m. NFL Trade Deadline has come and gone, and Albert Haynesworth is still with the Washington Redskins. However, that doesn't appear to be because nobody wanted him. In an interview with Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean, Titans coach Jeff Fisher admitted that his team expressed interest in trading for Haynesworth, but the Redskins were unwilling to give him up.

Coach Jeff Fisher on Tuesday did not deny the Titans had interest in re-acquiring Albert Haynesworth. But Fisher said the Redskins clearly weren't interested in dealing the defensive tackle they gave a $100 million contract in 2009.

Fisher said the Titans weren't desperate to get Haynesworth, but did admit that they made some exploratory calls in April and September to acquire Haynesworth. The Titans and the Redskins could never agree on proper compensation, with the Redskins reportedly holding out for a second-round pick.