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Donovan McNabb 'Confident' He Will Sign Extension With The Redskins

Without an extension in place for Donovan McNabb the possibility exists that he could just walk away after this season. As a result it continues to be one of the biggest issues surrounding the team and it just won't go away until either an extension is reached, or we learn for sure that one won't be happening. As of now it seems like the former is more likely.

Donovan McNabb says he's confident he'll get a contract extension signed in Wasington. Didn't speculate on when.less than a minute ago via txt

To be fair however, this is the exact same thing we've been hearing all year long. Everybody involved is totally sure that an extension will be reached, but we don't have any idea how far along discussions are or when a deal might be reached. Not saying it won't happen, because I believe it will, but just take this most recent "development" with a grain of salt.

Jason Reid of the Washington Post's Redskins Insider believes that the Skins have to bring McNabb back.

The Redskins became stronger at quarterback the moment they acquired McNabb from the Philadelphia Eagles on Easter Sunday. McNabb is representing the franchise well on and off the field, and he wants to be part of what Shanahan is attempting to build.

And I agree. I think McNabb has been a nice calming influence on the franchise, but more importantly I think he is way better than the alternative. And you can't trade a high second round pick for a one year rental. The Redskins need to bring McNabb back and this is probably the best place for him. I'm not sure when an extension will be agreed on, but I am fairly certain that it will.