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Mike Shanahan Plans On Albert Haynesworth Being Active Against The Bears

The trade deadline has passed and we know that Albert Haynesworth will be a member of the Redskins for the rest of the season. So they might as well play him, right? Well that appears to be the plan. After being inactive against the Colts last weekend, Mike Shanahan is expecting Albert Haynesworth to play against the Bears on Sunday. 

Shanny, talking to Chicago reporters re Haynesworth: "We plan on him being active." #Redskins visit Bears Sun.less than a minute ago via web

The Bears offensive line has had an incredible amount of trouble protecting Jay Cutler and running the ball, so the Redskins defensive line should be able to have some success on Sunday. This might be a good game for Haynesworth to make an impact. I'll keep my fingers crossed.