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DeAngelo Hall, Jim Haslett Deny Report Of 'Heated Exchange'

Earlier this morning, a report by Jason Reid of the Washington Post indicated that DeAngelo Hall and Jim Haslett had a "contentious exchange" over coverage schemes in the Redskins' 27-24 loss to the Colts on Sunday. The story was believable in part because Hall and Haslett had a disagreement of sorts earlier in the season.

However, when asked about the report today, both player and coach denied it. 

Hall's comments, via 106.7 The Fan's Sky Kerstein:

#Redskins Hall says the story about him and Haslett "took us by surprise" "wasn't heated"

#Redskins Hall said they discussed stuff, but wasn't like what was written, they just talked normally

Haslett's response, via TBD's Mike Jones:

"I would never get in an argument w a player. If i had a problem, I'd take him aside privately."    

Haslett did confirm that Hall's back is bothering him, at least. These kind of responses shouldn't be surprising when the truth of the story rests on how heated the argument may have been. Obviously, it depends on who was listening, so Hall's and Haslett's definition of "heated" could very easily differ from Reid's sources' definition.