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Redskins Vs. Bears: Wild Times In Early Second Half

At the start of the second half, the Bears are picking up right where they left off.

It only took four plays for the Bears to drive down to the 1-yard line. A 48-yard pass from Jay Cutler to Earl Bennett brought the Bears within feet of their third touchdown. But on the ensuing play, it was Albert Haynesworth who made his first big play of the season. On a quarterback sneak, Cutler was met by Haynesworth at the line of scrimmage and held him in place. And while it appeared that Cutler may have extended the ball across the goalline, London Fletcher came flying in and knocked the ball out of his hands. Fletcher also recovered the football, and Lovie Smith elected not to challenge.

As Donovan McNabb began the next Redskins position from the Washington 1-yard line, the Bears thought they had earned their touchdown back. An interception by D.J. Moore was returned for a touchdown, but the score was called back due to a delay of game penalty.

And so ended a wild and crazy turn of events.