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Redskins Vs. Bears: Washington And Chicago Trade Interceptions

The offensive ineptitude in today's Redskins-Bears game continues. After a remarkable sequence that included a fumble on the goal line, a interception returned for a touchdown that was called off because of a delay of game and a three and out, both teams have turned it over again.

First, it was DeAngelo Hall picking off Jay Cutler for the Redskins. Hall cheated on a hook route defending Devin Hester, cutting in front of him and making a diving interception on a Cutler pass. It looked like Hester gave up on the route, but it was still a big play by Hall. However, three plays later, Donovan McNabb was intercepted throwing deep into double coverage on third down. McNabb's pass was intended for Joey Galloway, but Galloway barely noticed as Chicago cornerback Danieal Manning picked off the pass. 

Manning returned the ball to close to midfield, but the Redskins challenged, and he was ruled down by contact at the Chicago 23-yard line. The Bears will take it there.