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Redskins Vs. Bears: Rocky McIntosh Forces Matt Forte To Fumble

The Chicago Bears continue to fail at hanging onto the football. Once again, Jay Cutler and company got a couple first downs to move down the field. Once again, they finished a drive with no points.

This time, it was Matt Forte that coughed up the football. Forte fumbled trying to fight for a first down on a short pass, and the Redskins easily recovered. Linebacker Rocky McIntosh was the guy who forced the fumble for the Redskins. Washington is now driving up the field looking to take a two-score lead.

Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett has to be sitting back thrilled with this defense's performance. His entire philosophy has been to force turnovers, even if it meant giving up a lot of yards. To be fair, a large degree of this performance has been the Bears' own ineptitude. Jay Cutler continues to force passes, and Forte needs to hang onto that ball here. But Haslett and the Redskins' defenders deserve a lot of credit for continuing to capitalize on their turnover-heavy philosophy.