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Report: Donovan McNabb and Redskins Not Close To Contract Extension

It's hard to know just how close Donovan McNabb and the Redskins are to a contract extension because the answer seems to be different depending on who you ask. If you ask Donovan, he'll say that he's confident that he and the team will be able to reach a deal sooner rather than later. But if you ask ESPN's Adam Schefter, the outcome doesn't seem as definite.

That link is to an ESPN Insider article, but the little bit it allows you to preview is the important part to the Redskins.

As much as the two sides would like to work out a deal, don't look for McNabb and the Washington Redskins to reach a long-term contract extension anytime soon. While New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has a deal on the books now, McNabb's deal is far from done. His negotiations are moving at a slower pace due to a variety of factors that include the uncertain financial climate and the lack of a new collective bargaining agreement. At this time, McNabb isn't rushing to get a deal done and it may take some time for the two sides to finalize one. It's on track, but not a fast track.

It's kind of a bummer, but it's important to note that he doesn't say anything about the contract being unlikely, just that it won't come at anytime soon. Everything we've heard from sources within the organization is that the team wants to bring Donvan McNabb back long term. My guess is that the uncertainty of the CBA that Schefter alludes to is a bigger obstacle in these negotiations than those of us not in the know understand.

I'm still expecting a deal to get done before McNabb is eligible to become a free agent. I'm just not sure how far in advance of that time it will be completed.