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Ready To Make Some Money? Redskins Early Underdogs Against The Lions

Just kidding, we don't condone gambling on this site. It's a great way to blow your money and ruin relationships and whatever else they say in those late night PSA's that I feel are meant specifically for me. But odds-makers are typically very knowledgeable, and the odds they place on NFL games are a sneak peak at who they feel is favored week in and week out.

Sometimes the odds they put in place make you scratch your head a little bit though. Take for example the upcoming game between the Redskins and the 1-5 Detroit Lions. After the jump, I'll tell you why you might want to think about contacting your bookie; only if you're into that type of thing of course.

Over at SB we have odds for each and every NFL game powered by OddShark. According to them, the Lions are favored to beat the Redskins by 1.5 points when they play this upcoming weekend.

Are we talking about the same Detroit Lions that have won one game in what feels like the last ten years? I know they're getting Matthew Stafford back, but is that enough to favor them over a team that is over .500 and plays in a much more difficult division?

I get it. The Redskins haven't looked very impressive in their victories this season. But results are results and the four wins the Redskins have should mean something to these odds-makers. Maybe it's the home field the Lions will be enjoying. Lord knows that a two thirds empty Ford Field provides one hell of an advantage.

1.5 points is not a lot, so it's hard to take this as a huge injustice to the Redskins. But at the same time I can't believe that the Lions are favored over anybody at this point. Would it surprise me if they beat the Skins? Absolutely not. But would I put money on it? No.

Even winning by a field goal would mean a payout for those who bet on the Skins. I'd like them in a straight up pick-em, if you're giving me points I consider it a bargain.