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Redskins Vs. Bears: Mike Shanahan Praises Albert Haynesworth's Effort

Finally, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan had to praise Albert Haynesworth. How could he not after Haynesworth dominated the Bears' offensive line in Sunday's 17-14 victory? 

To his credit, Shanahan did indeed have good things to say about Haynesworth. Speaking at his normal Monday press conference, Shanahan said Haynesworth easily played his best game as a Redskins player yesterday.

Shanahan on Haynesworth: "Albert played exceptionally well. It's the best that he's played this season ... snice he's been here.    

Shanahan also said Haynesworth successfully played both the run and the pass yesterday, which is what you have to do to succeed for him. He added that he was very pleased that Haynesworth gave a "100 percent effort," and went on and on and on. Is this a turning point in their relationship? That's easy to say after a game where Haynesworth excelled, but it's still possible.

Other notes from Shanahan's press conference:


  • Lots of Redskins are nicked up. Mike Sellers, for example, was seen in a walking boot after the game. Shanahan said he is "very sore" now, and he'll find out more about his status in a couple days. 
  • Safety Kareem Moore played fewer snaps than usual yesterday, ceding time to Reed Doughty. Shanahan said this was in part because he's still suffering from the knee injury that caused him to miss the first two games of the season. 
  • Tackles Jammal Brown and Stephon Heyer are also both ailing. Shanahan said he planned to rotate both in, because Brown is still playing through pain and because Heyer earned more time, but Heyer ended up suffering an ankle injury.
  • Shanahan also said Clinton Portis might be back in a few weeks from his groin injury. He's not going to play this week against Detroit, but Shanahan said they will reevaluate him after the bye week. He added that Portis won't be assured of his starting job once he returns. 
  • Shanahan said DeAngelo Hall had an exceptional week of practice, and doesn't mind him being outspoken if that happens.