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Reasons Why Donovan McNabb Isn't Playing Up To Expectations

The most important stat you can use to evaluate a quarterback is wins, plain and simple. Donovan McNabb has the Redskins at 4-3, which is likely better then the record most predicted them to have at this point in the season before it began. In that sense he has been a successful member of the Redskins.

But if you go by all the other stats McNabb hasn't been all that impressive, or at least not the level we grew accustomed to during his time in Philly. Dan Daly at has a few ideas why that may be.

McNabb’s first seven games as a Redskin have tested him as much as he’s ever been – emotionally, mentally, physically, every which way. He’s had to deal with being discarded by the Eagles. He’s had to rewire his brain to run Mike Shanahan’s offense. He’s had to take his fair share of lumps behind a rebuilt line. And he’s had to accept the fact that, given the weapons at his disposal, the yards and points will come much harder this year.

I did the research and it turns out McNabb had the sun in his eyes on most of the team's possessions during day games, so there's that too. Daly also mentions the pending contract extension and the difficult contests McNabb has played recently as reasons the quarterback could use a vacation. I'll tell you why I don't agree with letting McNabb off the hook after the jump.

It just seems to me that Daly is just making excuses for McNabb. I understand he isn't playing well but the Skins are winning so he is playing well enough. The issues Daly puts forth (poor supporting cast, aggressive defenses, emotionally draining defenses and contract uncertainty) are things that happen in the NFL from week to week for many players. Merely Identifying and personalizing them doesn't mean they wear on McNabb more than others.

My biggest issue however is that it seems Daly is ready to give excuses to McNabb that I don't think would have ever been used to justify Jason Campbell's performance. His status with the club was even more unknown, his supporting cast just as weak, and the toll taken on him by opposing defenses equally draining. But I don't think there were very many people ready to use those items to defend him.

The reason why, is because the Redskins are winning with McNabb at the helm. I know it hasn't been pretty but as long as they continue to do so McNabb can play however he wants. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you don't need to make excuses for a guy as long as he is winning because no excuses are necessary.