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NFL Power Rankings, Week 8: Redskins Move Up One Spot To 13th, Jets Hold On To Top Spot

The Redskins were a four win team last year, so I can understand that it might be hard to make people trust them again. I believe that is why it has taken a little while for them to get the respect they deserve, even from the crew running the Power Rankings over at SB This week, the Skins have moved up one spot in those rankings and now sit at 13th. Here is what they had to say.

Nice win against the Bears. The Redskins need to finish off those winnable games and they'll make things interesting in the NFC East.

I think 13th is about the right spot for the Redskins. Their style of play might not be the most endearing but you have to respect a team that knows how to eek out wins. If they continue to win that way I'm sure they will only rise in these rankings.

The respect I was talking about them gaining was how they finish relative to the other teams in their division. The Eagles, a team most people had ahead of the Skins heading into the season and has the same record as the Redskins come in one spot behind them at 14th. I'm assuming this is because the Skins beat them head to head. But it still takes some time to remove oneself from preseason speculation.

O, and those Cowboys? They come in at 28th. Feels good, doesn't it?