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Donovan McNabb: Contract Negotiations Are 'On Track'

Another day, another bit of news about the state of Donovan McNabb's contract extension that doesn't really make anything more clear. Last week McNabb said he was confident an extension would be reached, and then a few days later Adam Schefter told us that the two parties weren't really all that close. Those two updates canceled each other out, so we still don't really know where we stand.

During his media availability today Donovan McNabb was obviously asked about his contract status and this is what he had to say.

McNabb on contract: "Things are on track." Not focusing on it, said he doesnt know that reports of not til end of season are true.less than a minute ago via txt

So again we have a quote from McNabb that doesn't really tell us anything about the status of the negotiations one way or another. If we've learned anything from our brief time with McNabb it's that he isn't going to stir things up. He didn't do it when the Skins were heading into Philly, and I can't imagine he would say that the negotiations weren't going well even if that was the case. He's one of the best at maintaining the company line. We'll have more "updates" when they become available.