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If Brett Favre Doesn't Play, London Fletcher Is The NFL's New Iron Man

Did you hear about how some random quarterback on some 2-4 team may not play because he hurt his ankle? What, you haven't? That's right, some dude named Brett Favre has some wacky 291 consecutive games streak going that could be in jeopardy if his fractured ankle doesn't heal.


In all seriousness, I'm sure you've heard about Favre. I'm sure you know that his consecutive games streak will come to an end if he does not play. But here's something you might not know: the guy who has the next-longest consecutive games streak is a Redskins player.


Yup, it's our very own London Fletcher. Fletcher will take the field for the 200th consecutive time this weekend when the Redskins take on the Lions. If Favre does not play, that will be the longest current streak in football.


Fletcher, for his part, thinks Favre will play, telling CSN's Ryan O'Halloran that Favre is simply engaging in "a little bit of gamesmanship." But in case you needed another reason to root against Favre, this should help.