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Jim Haslett Admits Redskins Changed Defensive Scheme To Help Albert Haynesworth

Remember when Albert Haynesworth and Mike Shanahan were fighting tooth and nail about Haynesworth having to play the 3-4? It wasn't too long ago that this was the big story in D.C. Now, after a game against Chicago where Haynesworth dominated, the Redskins have admitted that they have made some changes to better suit Haynesworth's style.

After practice today, defensive coordinator Jim Haslett admitted that he "had to change some things" to find the right role for Haynesworth. In fact, Haslett went so far to say that having Haynesworth play in a 3-4 set was "like getting a square peg in a round hole." He later said that he still believes Haynesworth can find a way to fit in in the future, but it's still an interesting admission considering what we've been through this season.

Haslett also said that the team has only been in a base 3-4 about "35 percent" of the time, so perhaps that is why he uttered the quote he did above. But it's still makes you wonder why we had to go through all the stuff we went through in the preseason.