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Fantasy Football Picks: Redskins At Eagles

Not sure what players to start on your fantasy football team? Need some last minute advice? We'll give you a player to watch from the Redskins and from their opponents every Sunday morning.


Washington Redskins: The Redskins' best fantasy player this season so far has been Santana Moss. Today though, Moss will be matched up against Asante Samuel, the toughest cornerback he's faced this season, and one that is surely used to spotting Donovan McNabb's mannerisms. McNabb will have to find another target to utilize a bit more. That target might be Chris Cooley.


Philadelphia Eagles: This one isn't hard. If you were quick enough to snatch up Michael Vick for your fantasy team after his impressive opening game performance as a replacement for injured Kevin Kolb, you know that he is a must-start every week. Vick is facing a Redskins defense that is ranked worst in the league.